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Computer hardware Regulation

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Computer hardware Regulation

Post by Admin on 9/7/2010, 02:22

1. Here is not the place of purchase, but technical discussion about hardware:
- Hardware Computer -
- Update,
- Problem,
- Drivers,
- Performance Upgrade / Overclocking,
- Showcase,
- Consultation before buying.

2. Here is also not the place to promote the store, shanties selling, or anything related to buying and selling.

3. Your questions answered so quickly, please write the title with an example like this:
Question: Where to download VGA driver XYZ?
Help: Which is faster? processor in X or Y?
Please: How do I overclock the ABC?

For those who make a thread with no clear title, and content that is not informative, the moderator reserves the right to close the thread TSB. Suppose ask why my computer slow? but TS does not provide a complete specification PCnya, the TSB thread can be closed at any time.

4. Use your Indonesian language clear and understandable (not necessarily in accordance EYD) because visitors of this forum also consists of various ages and professional levels.

5. Promotion is prohibited Blog / Forum / Website you personally. Except here ~!

Who just stopped by to make ngejunk HWF Potential gan ... ... ... maap niubi aids ups ... etc ... without giving any answer to the question thread horse's mouth, siap2 receive the punishment ...

6. Reproduction generate thread grave without a clear reason and a comment.

7. Before posting a new thread, should be preceded by reading INDEX

8. Sub Forum HWF only for hardware problems resulted not ask questions about the OS, Macintosh, Software, etc..

9. Moderators are not obliged to give explanations on every thread that are closed or on-delete without notice because TS did not read the RULES or prior INDEX
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