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Programmer's Forum Rules

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Programmer's Forum Rules

Post by Admin on 9/7/2010, 02:36

1. Use sentences that are understandable and polite. As the (candidate-) Programmer must not underestimate how good communication and understandable. Recommended the Indonesian language.
Who comments offensive comments will be moderated.

2. Use one word / tag below to start a discussion thread:
c / c + + / cpp
USW .... etc. .... etc ...

- Java: how coding binary search?
- C + +: pointer that what?
- SQL: How does the way normalize?

QUESTION marks "???" use to clarify your intentions, and of course the title is clear so that questions answered quickly.

do not use a title that is not obvious like "help", "Tulung gan", etc.

3. Programming Forum is intended for discussion of technical / programming knowledge.
NOT recommended for: looking for a programmer / promotional work, because there has been a special forum for the promotion of job vacancies.
It is unethical for: the promotion of other forums outside the B-Soft programming forum.

If Thread / Post you are not in accordance with this rule, then the thread will be locked / closed or deleted.

4. Not allowed to write PERTAMAX ~!
More Info: [Poll] Does the word PERTAMAX allowed?

5. Please do not use filehoster / share files via:

>>, there is an explanation on the thread [Voting]; yes or no?

>> The download link who was wrapped with the URL Forwarding Service, for example:

>> The download link or the info from the site / forum who requires the user to create / have an account in order to read the download link or info.

6. This forum is not the place you ask for homework help from zero.
Asking for directions / hint was OK, but do not require complete solutions. Thread2 indicate who requested the source code so or asked without effort at all will dilock.

So, make a post which is more "smart", ie:
I'm coding algorithm XYZ, and this is my code.
but the output still be stupid. kira2 one where ya?

More information: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Rules Update will be done according the actual condition of the forum.
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